7 Tips for Including Your Dog in Your Engagement Photos | NJ Photographer | Ring Szn pt. 2

Engagement szn is upon us! 💍 Over the next week I'll be posting some informational posts to help the recently engaged (is that you? Hey, congrats!! Let's work together!) in a short series I'm dubbing "Ring Szn." I hope these knowledgable tid bits help you in some way in your upcoming wedding planning...


I love dogs. And if you do too, I'd love to include them in your engagement session! If you think your pup's behavior is up for the challenge, consider tagging them along after reading these tips.

1. Make sure dogs are allowed at your desired location The beach doesn't allow pets May through September. Some indoor places, boardwalks or private gardens may not allow your dog, so just be sure to check in first before leashing up.

2. Bring water, treats and doggy bags This one goes without saying! Natural calls. And treats will help us control them to sit still for photos.

3. Have a leash This one also goes without saying. Most locations we shoot in are public, and could be near a busy road or lots of people. Unless we're at your house, leashes on hand are a must.

4. Consider bringing a close friend to help We most likely aren't using Fido the whole time, so having a friend or family member come to the session to hold their leash when we want photos without them is an excellent idea.

5. Make sure they aren't TOO energized (or TOO sleepy)

Pupper got the roomies? It will be a little tricky to control them into "sit, stay" if so. Of course, we will work around it and you never are really sure how your dog will react, but making sure they're well-fed, well spent and well rested beforehand is always wise.

6. Bring accessories A kerchief, bandana, flower crown or whatever you can think of! Maybe a cute sign about their owners getting married to lean in front of them. I once had a couple bring a Halloween costume for their pup since it was that time of year!

7. Time your next grooming appointment around the shoot Pup due for a beauty appointment soon? Book it the week or day before so they are lookin' fresh for their close-up!